One morning I had this crazy idea to give people an opportunity to experience the world of paragliding like never before

I started flying paragliders back in 2009, and quickly fell in love with thermal-flying. After learning the basics, life got in the way and I had to hit pause. In 2015, after 4 long–flightless–years, I decided to return to the sky. Unfortunately, a few weeks into my training, I received news that most of my belongings had been stolen from storage!
With only €1,000 left in savings, and no plan or desire to simply replace the stolen stuff, I decided to step into the unknown and dedicate the next few years of my life to becoming a world-class adventurer. My goal is to inspire a generation by showing that you don’t need to be rich or superhuman to accomplish the seemingly impossible.
By mixing crowdfunding and sponsorship, I’m exploring new models for sports expeditions, which will provide the learnings for the book… and in the process, I’ll get to share what it takes to hike and fly over some of Earth’s most amazing landscapes! Thermal Crossings, at its core, is an experiment to explore the overlap between entrepreneurship and sports expeditions–from training to the final trip. And you’re invited along for the ride…!

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