My name is RHYS FISHER, and Thermal Crossings is an attempt at re-writing the pro-adventurer’s rulebook… pushing the boundaries of non-powered flight in the process!

“I can’t believe we’re taking this line…  “

Mark Baldwin and I had hiked all the previous day to position ourselves for an attempt to fly west, to Organya. We ended up on this mountain with a crossed wind and early cloud development… So we decided to hike towards this decent looking launch at the other end of the mountain. Unfortunately, after hours of walking, we arrived only to find that our launch was not even sloped the right direction, f%$k! Both of us now stuck on this ridge somewhere in the Spanish Pyrenees, quickly running out of daylight, ended up finding a scary steep rocky slope. This was it. One shot to get airborne. Otherwise, we’d be caught by a storm that was just one day behind us. Did it work…?

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